Leak Policy

It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain their plumbing, service lines, sprinklers systems, plumbing fixtures, etc. in proper working order AT ALL TIMES. However, Cumming Utilities realizes that customers periodically have leaks and other associated issues. If the City notifies you of a leak, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND THE LEAK AND REPAIR IT. Our system is very accurate and our meters do not read high. A leak adjustment may be considered, but is not guaranteed. The decision will be based on the following:

  • Leak must be repaired within 30 days of the City notifying the customer of an issue. Water is a precious resource and leaks must be repaired quickly.
  • If the leak is repaired within 30 days, Cumming Utilities may make a leak adjustment by taking an average of the customer’s water bills for the 2 month period immediately preceding the start of the leak. The remainder of the cost above the customer’s average water bill will be cut in half. Cumming Utilities will write-off 50% of the bill amount above the average water bill and the customer will be responsible for the remaining 50% (plus the amount of the average bill).
  • Leak adjustments will not be made for customers who are delinquent on their bill. Bills must be paid in full to receive a leak adjustment.
  • The customer must apply for the leak adjustment using the online form and submit the plumber’s repair bill.
  • In rare cases, the City may make a leak adjustment on a sprinkler meter account.
  • Irrigation water consumption is not eligible to receive an adjustment at any time. Customer is responsible for properly maintaining sprinkler systems and equipment and keeping them in proper working order at all times.
  • Accounts that receive a leak adjustment will not be eligible for another leak adjustment for 24 months.