Water Audits

Residential Water Audits:

Cumming Utilities offers residential water audits upon request, providing a comprehensive assessment of water usage within homes. These audits involve expert analysis of water consumption patterns, fixture efficiency, and potential leaks or inefficiencies.

By conducting this thorough evaluation, Cumming Utilities aims to assist residents in identifying opportunities for water conservation and cost savings. The residential water audit service enables customers to make informed decisions regarding their water usage, promoting sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Please call (770) 781-2020 to request a household water audit on-site.

Optionally you can use our Do-it-Yourself Household Water Audit (pdf)

Commercial Water Audits

Skilled professionals from Cumming Utilities will assess various aspects, including fixtures, irrigation systems, and water-consuming equipment, to determine potential water-saving opportunities. By conducting this audit, Cumming Utilities assists businesses in implementing effective conservation strategies, reducing water waste, and ultimately achieving cost savings while promoting environmental sustainability.

Cumming Utilities offers a comprehensive commercial water audit service that can be conducted upon request. This audit aims to evaluate and analyze water usage within commercial establishments, identifying potential inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

Please call Cumming Utilities at (770) 781-2020 to schedule an on-site audit.