Call Before-U-Dig

An excavator performing a call before-u-dig inspection while digging into a muddy area.

Call Before You Dig!

Dial 811 or 800-282-7411.

The Call Before-U-Dig service plays a vital role in preventing unintended mishaps such as gas pipeline fires or water main ruptures. These incidents can be dangerous for individuals and the community.

The goal is to promote responsible digging practices, safeguarding our utility services and contributing to overall safety.

A fire is erupting from a pipe while someone hastily reaches for a phone to call Before-U-Dig.

Gas Pipeline Fire

The Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act (GUFPA), enacted by the General Assembly in July 2000, provides for the protection of the buried utility facility infrastructure within the State of Georgia.

That protection is provided by requiring excavators using mechanized equipment to call for a facility locate prior to excavating or blasting and requiring the facility owner/operator to locate their facilities upon request. Violations of the GUFPA are subject to a civil penalty of up to $10,000.

More info at Georgia 811

A blue pipe with water coming out of it, reminding users to Call Before-U-Dig to prevent any underground utility damage.

Water Main Rupture

A water main rupture can cause significant disruptions, potentially jeopardizing safe water supply and damaging nearby infrastructure. Always call before you dig to prevent unintended strikes, ensuring the safety and reliability of our water network.

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