Plan Review

Cumming Utilities requires that all proposed development comply with our adopted water, sewer, and stormwater specifications. We have implemented a development plan review process to ensure that proposed system improvements and expansion projects comply with federal, state, and local regulations.

During the review process, our staff determine whether the development meets the minimum requirements of Cumming Utilities’ adopted specifications.

For more information or to submit development plans, please contact Cumming Utilities at (770) 781-2020.

Plan Review Resources

Advertisement for Bids

Cumming Utilities advertises water and sewer system improvement projects in the legal section of the Forsyth County News:

The City also advertises periodically in the Dodge Report see

Contract Documents and Construction Drawings out for bid may be downloaded at the following link:

Plan Review Process

Please contact Cumming Utilities at (770) 781-2020 to set up an appointment to meet with plan review personnel. Plan review generally takes 7–10 days.

The plan review process is lengthy and time-consuming. To speed up the process, please make sure your plans comply with Cumming Utilities’ Specifications.

Water, Sewer & Stormwater Easements

All easements must be submitted in the proper City-approved format. Easements must be conveyed to the City of Cumming on the City’s approved easement document and must be accompanied by a legal description along with a perimeter survey of the easement area.

Please Note.

Do not record easements without city approval!

No easements will be accepted unless approved by the Cumming Utilities prior to recording at the Clerk of Court’s office.

Please return executed easement forms to:

Cumming Utilities
100 Main Street
Cumming, Georgia 30040.

The City must proofread each easement to make sure it meets our requirements (i.e. just having a recorded plat is not enough).

After approval, the City will officially document the easement and link it to the relevant vesting deeds. This will ensure that the easement applies to future property owners.

If you fail to follow these rules, the City will not issue any permits and will not issue any C.O.’s on permits that may have already been granted. In addition, no water meters will be set until these requirements are met.

Please submit a check to the City of Cumming made out to the “FORSYTH COUNTY CLERK OF COURT” at the rate of $=10.00 for the first page to be recorded plus $2.00 for each additional page (4 pages would equate to $10.00 + $2.00 + $2.00 + $2.00 = $16.00). An additional $2.00 is required for a “cross-reference” to another deed.

Sewer Capacity

Before the plan review, it is necessary for you to purchase Sewer Capacity.

Sewer capacity is limited and assigned to properties by the Mayor and Council on a case by case basis. There is no guarantee of sewer capacity unless it has been purchased up-front.

Please contact the Director of Utilities with questions regarding sewer capacity availability.

Water and Sewer Master Plan

All development must meet the requirements of the most current edition of the Cumming Water Master Plan and the Cumming Sewer Master Plan.

Water System Hydraulic Analysis

New developments are required to meet the City’s minimum standards for fire protection and system pressure.

A hydraulic analysis is required to verify these standards are met. In addition, as-built flow tests are required for all new fire hydrants within a development prior to approval of the final plat.

City of Cumming’s Consulting Engineering Firm:

Civil Engineering Consultants

110 Samaritan Drive, Suite 201
Cumming, Georgia 30040

Telephone 770-977-5747

City of Cumming Contract Engineer is:

Andrew E. Lovejoy, P.E
Civil Engineering Consultants
Telephone 770-977-5747
Cell 404-717-5809