Sewer Capacity

How to Reservce Sewer Capacity for a Parcel of Land

If you wish to reserve sewer capacity for a commercial and residential development, the cost per gallon-per-day of sewer capacity is $30.00 / gpd within the City’s Water and Sewer Service Area.

In all cases, the developer should contact Cumming Utilities to determine sewer capacity reservation costs, water meter costs, and water and sewer infrastructure improvement needs to be associated with each parcel.

Sewer Capacity Calculations

Calculate Residential Sewer Capacity Charges:

The following formula is used to calculate residential sewer capacity charges:

  • Number of Units X 250 gpd/unit X $30.00 = $7,500 per unit.

Calculate Residential Sewer Capacity Charges:

  • Number of Gallons Per Day (GPD) x $30.00 = $________

How to Reserve Sewer Capacity:

The city requires that those property owners who wish to reserve sewer capacity, pay 100% of the required sewer capacity fee up-front, before any construction begins. No sewer capacity will be guaranteed until payment in-full is received by Cumming Utilities. Currently, sewer capacity is limited and is assigned to properties on a case-by-case basis by the Mayor and Council.

The Director of Utilities Will Need the Following Information from a Developer or Property Owner to reserve Sewer Capacity For a Specific parcel of Land:

  • A Legal Description of the Property (Metes and Bounds) on an 8.5 X 14 sheet of paper.
  • A Perimeter Survey of the Property.
  • The Signature of the Owner of the Property on the Sewer Capacity Purchase Agreement Document (see link to this document below).
  • Proof of Property Ownership (Deed).

The sale of sewer capacity is an appurtenance to, touches and concerns, and benefits the Property.  Sewer Capacity Purchases shall bind, and inure to the benefit of, Purchaser and their respective successors and assigns.  The sewer capacity runs with the Property and cannot be sold or assigned to any other Property without the express prior written consent of the City.  Sewer Capacity Purchase Agreements will not be effective until signed by all parties, recorded on the real estate records of the Clerk of Superior Court of Forsyth County and after recording filed with the Cumming Utilities of the City of Cumming, 100 Main Street, Cumming, Georgia 30040.

City’s Sewer Capacity Purchase Agreement.

How to Sell a Portion of Sewer Capacity

I am a developer and want to sell a portion of my property (an out-lot for  example). I purchased sewer capacity for the entire original parcel. How do I assign a portion of my sewer capacity to this out-lot? You must use the City’s Sewer Capacity Assignment Document. For assistance with this document, please contact Director of Utilities at (770) 781-2020.

Addtional Resources

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Forsyth County Clerk of Court’s records for property ownership records or recorded Sewer Capacity Purchase Agreements

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