Water Conservation

Implementing water conservation practices in a municipality can help mitigate water scarcity and promote sustainability through measures such as efficient irrigation systems, public awareness campaigns, and strict monitoring of water usage.

Why should we conserve water?

As we look to the year 2050 and beyond, there is one resource that we know will be in short-supply, especially if we continue to use it like we do today – and that resource is WATER.

The river systems in North Georgia and Atlanta will soon be depleted by the demand placed on them by the rapidly developing Atlanta and North Georgia region.

The Chattahoochee itself is a limited resource and the ability to pump sea water to Atlanta is decades away.

Log onto Conserve Water Georgia for more information from the State of Georgia on water conservation.

Easy ways to conserve water

Replace your showerhead – try an Earth Massage 1.75 GPM Showerhead. Available from the City of Cumming along with a 1.5 GPM Dual Setting Touch Flow Kitchen Aerator with Swivel, a 1.0 GPM Bathroom Sink Aerator, Leak Detection Tablets, An Adjustable Commode Flapper, and a Flow Meter Bag for $9.00.

Just come by City Hall and ask for a Water Conservation Retro-fit kit!

Replace your older toilet – If your home was built before 1993 and currently has a toilet that uses more than 1.6 gallons-per-flush, call Cumming Utilities for more information at (770) 781-2020.

A new 1.6 gpf toilet may qualify you for a $50 refund and a WaterSense ultra high-efficiency toilet may qualify you for a $100 refund from the City!