Solid Waste

Garbage Services

The City of Cumming is pleased to provide garbage pick-up to those citizens that live inside the City Limits. Garbage pick-up is mandatory. If you choose to contract with another garbage hauling company, the City will continue to charge you a minimum garbage fee each month.

Residential Garbage Fee

The current residential garbage fee is $15.00 per month. This includes one “pickup” per week. Additional pickups are $15.00 each

Commercial Garbage Fee

The current commercial garbage fee is $20.00 per month, this includes one “pickup” per week. The fee is $32.00 per month if you choose two pickups per week. The fee is $44.00 per month if you choose three pickups per week.

We appreciate your patience. Our garbage crews start EARLY IN THE MORNING. You may hear a truck’s air brakes, reverse beeper, or our crew bumping around with your trash cans. This early activity is due to the excessive rush-hour traffic in Forsyth County and the City of Cumming. The City’s garbage contractor does not pick up anything other than household garbage. To get rid of appliances, moving boxes, grass clipping, brush, etc., please call the City of Cumming Street Department at (770) 781-2019

Garbage and Recycling pickup is Friday for all residential and commercial customers, unless there is a holiday during the week. If there is a holiday, then pickup is delayed a day.

For example: Memorial Day is on a Monday, so pickup will be Saturday.

Be a good steward of our water and land and other natural resources. Do not discard hazardous chemicals such as paints, solvents, gasoline, oil, pesticides, herbicides, etc. in the garbage. Please discard these items in an acceptable hazardous material receiving station.

Please recycle!

Do not place grass clippings, used motor oil, etc. down a storm drain. Remember, storm drains are connected to your drinking water supply!