Pump Stations

Wastewater Pumping Stations

The most efficient method for collecting wastewater is by gravity through manholes and sewer lines. A gravity sewer system does not include mechanical components and does not require electricity. Unfortunately, some site conditions preclude gravity sewer and require a pump station. These site conditions can include adverse topography or jurisdictional boundaries.

In addition to being more expensive to construct, pump stations are costly for the City to operate and maintain. If not properly maintained, pump stations can become the source of sewer spills, a permit violation with the Department of Natural Resources – Environmental Protection Division (DNR-EPD). As a part of the City’s on-going effort to prevent sewer spills, protect the environment, and protect personnel, the City has adopted a set of Wastewater Pumping Station Specifications. (These specifications can be downloaded using Acrobat Reader). Click here to download a copy.[/vc_column_text]

The City has standardized pump station equipment to maximize the efficiency of spare parts stored in inventory. A list of approved vendors is available upon request. Each station must meet certain minimum requirements as specified by the City. The City requires Flygt Pumps or an approved equivalent for all of its pump stations. These pumps can be found at the Xylem web site found at: http://www.xylem.com/pumping/us/brands/flygt. Self-priming pump stations are prohibited.


The City also requires SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). The SCADA system transmits all pertinent information about the pump station to the City’s Advanced Water Reclamation Facility (AWRF) where a central computer tracks the station’s performance and alerts facility operators to certain failures and conditions. The AWRF includes a graphical interface for all pump stations that shows station conditions in real-time. The interface allows facility operators to make a virtual visit to the station and make necessary adjustments.

Emergency Back-up Equipment:

All pump stations include emergency equipment to operate during power failures. Many pump stations include back-up power generators to provide power to the pumps in the event of a power outage. Newer pump stations in the City’s system include back-up diesel-powered pumps that do not require electricity. These pumps operate independently from all electrically dependent components of the pump station. The DNR-EPD requires that these critical pieces of equipment be installed at each station. The City is in the EPD’s “zero tolerance” zone and faces stiff fines if any wastewater is released into the environment. See http://epd.georgia.gov/ for more information.

Go to Downloads Page and Click on Sewer Master Plan to see where Wastewater Pump Stations are allowed within the Sewer Service Area: