What is PFAS and PFOA and how can I come into contact with these environmental contaminants?

Some possible ways humans can come into contact with these compounds are through water proof clothing, stain resistant carpets and rugs, consuming popcorn popped in contaminated microwavable popcorn bags, consuming fish caught from contaminated waterways, consuming food cooked in older non-stick cookware, and contact with fire fighting foams. Possible sources of these compounds are the carpet industry, clothing industry, airports, military bases, etc. For more information, please see the EPA’s website at

What is Cumming Utilities doing about these Contaminants of Emerging Concern CECs?

During 2020, the City regularly sampled and tested our raw water source, Lake Sidney Lanier, for the presence of these compounds. Our test results indicate that the levels of PFAS and PFOA are very low and almost non detectable which is well below the levels considered dangerous by the EPA.