Raw Water Intake

Cumming Raw Water Intake Facility (RWIF)

Cumming’s current RWIF was completed on August 1, 2009 at a cost of approximately $16 Million. This facility was designed and constructed to meet the raw water demands of our community through build-out and beyond.

A boat docked on a body of raw water intake.

Cumming’s RWIF is capable of pumping up to 105 MGD of water out of Lake Lanier. The invert (bottom) of Cumming’s 72-inch intake pipe is positioned in the bed of the lake at elevation 1020 ft MSL. This elevation makes Cumming’s RWIF one of the deepest intakes on Lake Lanier and virtually drought-proof.

Extreme Drought in Southeast during 2007 and 2008

In response to the historic drought of 2007, the city installed two emergency pumps in the bed of Lake Lanier. This equipment was used to pump water out of the lake and into the City’s original 1979 and 1989 raw water pump stations.

Water levels in Lanier recede in 2007

An aerial view of a construction site in a wooded area featuring a raw water intake.

As the City’s new Raw Water Intake Facility on Lake Lanier began to take shape, the drought took its toll on Lanier’s water levels. Not only did the lake levels go down, but the body of water began to recede from the shore. As a result, the City’s 1979 intake pipe was well above the Lake water level.

A raw water intake pipe situated in a fenced area.

In response, the City chased the water down into the bed of the lake and installed two temporary emergency pumps.